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OAG, the leading global travel data provider brought together leading Airports and Airlines in China at the its latest Customer Roundtable this week in Beijing. Sharing the latest market insight and discussing strategic aviation issues continues to allow OAG to enjoy close relationships with its customers in this market.

Discussions included future route development initiatives, route optimization capabilities and the role of On-Time-Performance to drive strategic decision making with OAG unveiling its forthcoming new product launches.

Launched last year as part of celebrations marking OAG’s successful 15 years in the China market, this year’s China Roundtable continues OAG’s promise to deliver solutions through collaboration and understanding of its customers in the region.

“Close relationships and customer support are a fundamental part of how we do business in China, our relationships are built on communication, trust and shared successes. It is great to meet face to face, discuss challenges and offer future solutions at a strategic level.” Head of China Region, Karen Zhang

Vipul Nakum, CPOThrough our data and heritage, coupled with the solutions we offer, we are lucky to enjoy some of the longest standing and productive relationships with customers in China. We enjoy meeting our customers and working with them to meet their challenges. This is a special region for OAG and as the fastest growing market in the world we are dedicated to ensuring our role is continuing to evolve and remain relevant.”

The China Roundtable is part of a wider global initiative which takes several times a year to discuss opportunities and challenges with its customers and share product innovation and solutions to address these.

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