Using the Cloud for Sunnier Days in the Travel Industry

The pandemic caused radical changes across the travel sector, lower passenger flows and volatile travel restrictions caused widespread disruption. In 2021, Snowflake caught up with OAG's Nick Dearden to discover how OAG is utilizing customer data insights to support the travel ecosystem.  

Many of the world’s largest and most respected airlines, financial institutions, travel providers, governments, airports, and tech companies—including American Airlines, American Express, Expedia, and Ctrip—rely on OAG’s travel data and solutions. In response to industry turmoil and to aid smart recovery, OAG has transformed its data infrastructure to ensure its information services can offer near real-time data to inform analytics on passenger flows. For example, clients can improve booking activity, trends, experiences, retail choices, and forecast industry revenue.... Continue reading

This article was first published by Snowflake on 14 July 2021.

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