Weekly flight travel data comparing historical flight data from the beginning of 2019 to present-day, tracking both the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic and the recovery of the travel industry. 


The air travel data is plotted by week from the beginning of 2019 to w/c 16 May 2022.

This chart shows the total number of airline seats in flight schedules for domestic and international flights since the beginning of 2019. The data is shown weekly (for the last 3 years) with 2019 as a baseline for global airline capacity. Each week this chart will be updated with the latest scheduled airline capacity data for the current week, and for filed scheduled capacity for the 11 weeks ahead (dotted line) - showing the overall 3 months forward-looking position.

  • Global airline capacity is down 0.2% compared to last week as a result of capacity reductions in China.
  • Airline capacity is at 90.5 million seats, which is 17.8% below where it was for the same week in 2019, but this marks the second week in a row where capacity has exceeded 90 million seats.
  • The current airline schedule anticipates global capacity exceeding 100 million seats within the next couple of weeks.
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These charts show the different patterns in aviation recovery for the domestic and international markets. The data provided includes the number of scheduled airline seats for domestic and international flights by week for the last 3 years, again with 2019 as the baseline for airline capacity. As with the global chart above, each week this chart will be updated with the latest capacity position for the current week, and for future filed scheduled capacity for the 11 weeks ahead (dotted line).


  • Total domestic airline capacity is 59.0 million seats this week, 0.7% down on last week primarily as a result of a reduced schedule in China.
  • Domestic capacity is now 8.4% below where it was in 2019 for the same week but if the flights currently scheduled for the coming weeks are not changed, global domestic capacity should start to exceed 2019 levels global by the last week of May.
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  • International airline capacity continues its gradual upward trend, with seats 0.7% higher this week than last week.
  • Global international capacity is now 31.1% below where it was in the same week in 2019.
  • Projections for forward capacity show this upward trend continuing for the next 3 months.


The charts below provide a weekly overview by region of scheduled airline capacity by domestic, international and total seats for the current week compared to the same week in 2019, and to the previous week.

  • Chinese airlines reduced capacity by 293,000 seats this week compared to last week, almost all in the domestic market.
  • Meanwhile, airlines operating in Europe are operating capacity with 179,000 more seats this week than last week.
  • International capacity from European airports is actually up by 200,000 seats but domestic capacity has reduced by 20,000 seats.
  • Compared to the same week in 2019, Central/Western Africa continues to be the furthest ahead of where it was in 2019 with capacity up 29.9% over 2019 levels.
  • The other regions which are also ahead of 2019 are Central Asia (+10.7%), Central America (+6.3%) and Upper South America (+6.0%).
  • The regions where recovery has been slowest are: North East Asia (-33.5%), South East Asia (-33.3%), Eastern Europe (-27.3%), Southern Africa (-27.0%) and Southwest pacific(-19.9%).


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