Enter OAG Labs - Our World of Data Science

In the backdrop of a tumultuous year, we have been on an interesting journey, adopting new technologies and delivering an exciting product roadmap. Just 18 months ago we embarked on a major tech transformation journey culminating in the launch of OAG Metis earlier this year. Part of that vision was to unlock the power behind our data and deliver the next level of insight for our customers. Front and centre of this has been the creation of a dedicated data science team, OAG Labs.

Heading up that team is Remo Biagioni, Director of Data Engineering, who shares his insights into current live projects and experiments that will deliver a unique and enhanced view of OAG data in the future.

What opportunities and advantages do you believe data science can bring to our customers?

As we enter a new era for travel there is a need for more detailed data, high value data that helps manage volatility and supports businesses to spot opportunities before others. Having schedules, status, historical data going back 20+years combined with 3rd party content accessible and applicable on one technology platform, OAG Metis, means deriving better, richer insights can become a reality. We can train models to comb through the data and analyse past performance and forward-looking schedules, enrich our existing data and as well as creating our own unique OAG data.

What has your focus over the last 12 months?

We have recently launched unique data which provides the most accurate view of seats and is now available through our API and Direct solutions. This was underpinned by FLAI (Flight Artificial Intelligence) which is an OAG proprietary framework for managing machine learning models, monitoring our algorithms for maximum accuracy, and taking into new trends over time.

We continue to work on a series of enrichment initiatives across status and schedules to deliver more premium content opportunities. We have also been working with new data, 3rd party data to establish proven models that give deeper insights, more detailed data, to help the whole ecosystem make better decisions.

How has technology enabled this?

Our partnerships with Snowflake and Microsoft Azure have allowed us to completely transform the freshness and value of OAG data. Making all our data available via one technology platform means we have a single source of truth for our customers – one that is scalable, accessible via the cloud, configurable and elastic. A perfect environment to unlock data science capabilities. We can explore, experiment, test, and train – create enhanced data, derived data, and ultimately predictive data.

What can we expect next?

As for what is next, the digital transformation has only just started. As we enable more customers to access new datasets more quickly, they will ultimately become the driving force in informing what the future of our data roadmap looks like. We are actively working on derived and proprietary models with emissions data, delay predictions, missed connections, OTP, forward looking schedules data. All of which when ready will be available across our APIs and Direct Solutions. So, a busy time ahead!

If you would like to find out more OAG Labs and future experiments, please email contactus@oag.com

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