CIO Spotlight: Nick Dearden

In this in-depth spotlight with IDG Connect, Nick Dearden, our CIO since 2019, shares the greatest career advice he's ever received, learnings from his first job, what his priorities are for the upcoming year at OAG and more. In this key moment from the interview, Nick explores what he hopes is in store for the business.

What business or technology initiatives will be most significant in driving IT investments in your organisation in the coming year? Further developing our cloud-native data platform, METIS, is one of our key goals. Data acquisition is a major driver for this. We’re constantly looking for new data sources to enrich the services we already provide our customers. Being a cloud-native solution, we expect our platform to continue to grow and mature. And as adoption of the platform continues to accelerate, our investments in cloud applications and infrastructure will similarly grow.

What are the CEO's top priorities for you in the coming year? How do you plan to support the business with IT? As a private equity-backed organisation, our ultimate goal is driving business value in as sustainable and growth-focussed way possible. At the same time, we’re developing products and technology that can not only be monetised quickly but also support lifetime value. So, my priority is to continue to build out the METIS platform for continued growth that will support our ongoing business plan.

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