ForwardKeys moves forward with a new partnership with OAG

We are delighted that ForwardKeys has entered into a long-term agreement to help deliver an enhanced service to their customers.

VALENCIA – October 21, 2020 – The world’s leading travel analytics firm, ForwardKeys deepens its hold over the travel industry by cementing a new deal with global flight information provider OAG

The extreme volatility in the aviation industry, which commenced in March due to the COVID19 pandemic, triggered the need to review how ForwardKeys could better keep up with changes in airlines’ intended operations. The objective being to reflect as accurately as possible the true airline capacity in markets worldwide – not only during this period of volatility, but also into the future when a degree of normality hopefully returns.

As a result of this review, ForwardKeys has entered into a long term agreement with OAG to receive: a weekly feed of the latest worldwide airline schedules; a daily feed of schedules changes to understand volatility better; a daily feed of flight status data to track flight cancellations worldwide; and improved modelling and identification of aircraft configurations used on specific routes.

Together, this will enable ForwardKeys to provide even more accurate data to its list of clients keen for a real understanding of seat capacity figures in a world of last-minute cancellations and refunded tickets.  

“Seat Capacity and schedule data is a core, strategic asset for ForwardKeys. It is not only a dataset that is consumed directly by a significant number of clients via our online platforms and offline reports, it is also used extensively in the company and is a key component for our algorithm to model and generate total air market estimates,” says Olivier Jager, CEO and Co-Founder of ForwardKeys.

“After careful consideration and analysis of OAG’s data, our team collectively agreed that this was an appropriate and timely change to make as we strive to continuously improve. To improve the quality of our services as well as the quality and accuracy of the data powering these services as - ensuring that ForwardKeys’ data analytics remains the gold standard our clients have come to expect,” Jager adds.

“Demand for high quality flight information is growing significantly. We are delighted to partner with ForwardKeys and help deliver an enhanced service to their customers.” said Phil Callow, CEO of OAG.

The new data files will be available in their flagship online subscription tool ForwardKeys Nexus, as well as via their portfolio of pre-constructed offline reports. It also can be consumed via their API web services or flat file deliveries.

“The new dataset will also appear in new products and services we chose to bring to market as we continue to test, innovate and serve our customers with smart tech,” shares Jager.

ForwardKeys has been supporting businesses in the travel and tourism sector since 2010 with the most comprehensive range of worldwide flight reservation data. Uniting the might and power of OAG data, with ForwardKeys’ capabilities will only propel its suite of data-based products forward.

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ForwardKeys helps its clients measure and improve the effectiveness of their marketing & operations; anticipate the impact of events; and capitalise on future trends. Its data scientists do so by analysing an unparalleled amount of air travel information to produce valuable insights into the profile, behaviour and impact of past, present and future travellers. Sources include airline capacity plus over 17m booking transactions and 7m flight searches per day. Customers are brands, retailers, duty-free specialists, financial institutions, media agencies and travel marketeers worldwide.

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