Skift Travel Health Index: July 2022 Highlights

The global Skift Travel Health Index is 84 points (-2 pp MoM) for July 2022. Discover the latest insights from the Skift team in the Skift Travel Health Index: July 2022 Highlights.

Each month the Skift Travel Health Index provides an update of travel performance in 22 countries around the world. As one of Skift’s data partners, we provide flight data (powered by OAG Metis) to enable the reporting of travel performance along with other key data points - together this creates the Skift Travel Health Index, a vital source to track the travel industry’s recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic.  

"Asia Pacific still has the largest gap to pre-pandemic travel levels, but our back-of-the-envelope analysis shows that a return of Chinese travelers would pull many Asian countries back in the black. Now we just need to wait for the Chinese borders to reopen...'' 


Download the latest Skift Travel Health Index Highlights here

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