Product Show & Tell - Flight Info Direct

Last week we had our very first Product Show & Tell Webinar to showcase our latest product Flight Info Direct – A new way to consume OAG data. The team, led by Natalie Seatter, Chief Product Officer, took the audience through the benefits of Flight Info Direct with live demos showing how to run SQL queries direct to the OAG database and how to integrate easily with Power BI and Tableau.

There are various elements of functionality that are available in Direct today that are not available in our other products and the team take you through how, with the correct SQL query, you can identify Schedules changes and Withdrawn Flights in seconds.

Similarly, we show how users can show flights at the flight instance or day by day level as opposed to the aggregate view, a real time saver for our early adopters.

Don’t worry if you missed out, you can register here to access the full recording.

Watch the Flight Info Product Show & Tell Webinar

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