Traffic Analyser News

Traffic Analyser News


We are now going through a detailed process of testing and quality checking to deliver a product that meets the high expectations our customers have of us as the world's leading source of aviation intelligence.

The team have now compiled all the reports together, added the core functionality and built in the unique traffic flow mapping feature. The tool has also been added into the Analytics portal so that customers will benefit from a single sign-on experience.

Traffic Analyser will offer actual booking numbers on flights to compliment the market leading Schedules Analyser tool. This will give the advantage of understanding of key market flows, passenger demand and new route/destination opportunities.

Over the next few weeks as the beta testing process continues, feedback will be collected from customers and detailed data quality checks will be carried out to ensure accuracy.

The new Traffic Analyser tool is going to be a great enhancement to the OAG Analyser platform and ensure that OAG are providing the best products on the market for actionable aviation insight.

If you have any questions, or want to know more about Traffic Analyser, or the other OAG Analysis modules please contact us