OAG's monthly on-time performance review for April 2014

Deirdre Fulton & Becca Rowland

There are some mixed results this month relating to on time performance - some airports are experiencing strong sustained growth and managing to achieve excellent on time performance whilst others appear to be struggling to maintain performance in the face of strong growth. This month sees Tokyo’s Haneda airport handle 9% more flights than last year and the airport still managed to ensure that 91% of flights were on time. Another Japanese airport, Okinawa saw growth of 17% in flights, and held OTP steady at 83%.  We also mention Australia’s Perth airport, which whilst recording flight growth of 14% versus last April, managed to ensure 87% of flights still left on time.

Meanwhile, in Turkey airports are struggling to maintain previous levels of on time performance in a fast growth environment.  All three of Turkey’s big airports, Antalya, Istanbul and Sabiha Gokcen saw on time performance falter this month compared to last year.  Antalya recorded growth of 21% and OTP fell by 4 percentage points to 87%; Istanbul handled 13% more flights this month and OTP fell to 81% from 88% last year; whilst Sabiha Gokcen saw an incredible increase of 37% to flights and OTP fell to 87% from a previous high of 96%.   It appears as though something has to give in these rapidly growing airports where the pace of growth is consistently above 20% and at the point where demand impacts on capacity, we are likely to continue to see ongoing impacts on operational performance.

Our monthly on-time performance review uses OAG's Flight Status data

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