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On-time performance is becoming an increasingly valuable marketing message for airlines and airports around the world as the latest OAG results for 2018 are published.

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2 Dec 2013 | By OAG

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OAG December FACTS

OAG December FACTS


The latest OAG FACTS report is out now! In December 2013 the UK Airports Commission is due to issue its interim report into the vexed question of whether the UK needs additional airport capacity. With arguments raging about the sort of airport system that would work best for a city such as London, this month’s FACTS report examines the airport systems in place in London and other major cities.

The six airports serving London create the largest airport system in the world, offering 178m two way seats in 2013. But how do other cities compare?  We consider the airport systems in New York, Tokyo, Paris and Moscow.  

See the complete OAG December FACTS infographic and download the full written report here



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