OAG | COVID-19 a message from our CEO, Phil Callow

Dear Customer,

Like you I am acutely aware of the challenging and uncertain times that we face. We all share concerns for our families, loved ones and businesses in the wake of the impact of COVID-19. We send you our best wishes. In these challenging times, we are doing everything we can to support you and the industry.

OAG has been serving the air travel community for over 90 years and together, we have overcome many difficult times. As a community, we’re facing one of our greatest challenges yet. You can rely on us to continue to deliver critical information and insight to you through our unique processes and expert teams.

Recent days have once again been dominated by airlines making dramatic capacity cuts and cancelling operations. Many carriers have increased the frequency of their schedule updates to OAG with more and more carriers moving to daily submissions.

Our team is seeing unprecedented changes to the market and handling a significant increase in the volume of data to verify and synchronise. We continue to work closely with our airline partners to ensure these changes can get through our systems as quickly and as accurately as possible, and out to the market.

We are taking several steps to ensure we continue to deliver our service to you.
  • Our core schedules team has increased its dedicated outreach to our partner airlines, enabling more frequent data submissions and updates. If you are an airline and wish to discuss your submission, please contact schedules@oag.com.
  • We are verifying and processing additional files around the clock to ensure updates can be as timely as possible.
  • We continue to meet a growing number of requests for increased frequency from airlines, airports, OTAs, travel service providers to wider transport and logistics service providers. If you wish to increase your data frequency, please email contactus@oag.com.
  • OAG has been set up for remote working for some time so we are ready to fully transition to a remote workforce if required and your service levels will not be affected.
  • We are also providing regular updates through our blog and dedicated webpage.
At OAG we have built our brand and reputation on connecting people around the world through air travel and as we navigate these difficult times, we will always remain true to our commitment to deliver the most accurate and essential information to our customers and the wider marketplace.

Phil Callow
CEO - OAG Aviation