Airline industry analysis


A fast and responsive analytical platform

Using Schedules as its bedrock, Analyzer allows you to drill down into frequency and capacity trends, flight statistics by route and airport performance to provide commercial and operational insight for the aviation industry.

Analysis can be scaled up easily with any combination of six complementary modules that can:

  • Compare airline schedules to understand route and airport frequency, opportunity and insight
  • Use airport passenger data with our Traffic Analyzer to understand passenger traffic flows
  • Carry out airline comparison performance analysis with Connection Analyzer
  • Generate a powerful, customized and intuitive airline network map
  • Analyze US aviation data (DOT) through one portal

Analyzer is a powerful platform for any business that requires in-depth insight into airline and airport data, and we have many examples of use across multiple industry verticals, including: Financial Services, Transport & Logistics, Government & Tourism, Education and Travel Tech.


In today’s fast-moving air travel sector, you need access to the most accurate airline schedules data and the most flexible analytical tools to make the right decisions for your company.

Use schedules analyzer to identify commercial opportunities for new airline routes and services, spot underlying aviation trends and monitor competitor activity.


Connections Module

Airline connections make networks possible. They open up the world, making new destinations available to customers and creating new revenue opportunities for your business.

Connections can dynamically show you all possible global connections for all airlines as they occur in real time, plotting them on a map to highlight key routes and hubs.


Traffic Module

Understanding air passenger traffic demand across markets leads to more accurate route planning, forecasting and competitor analysis.

Use this tool to interrogate airline passenger statistics, as well as analysing and predicting demand and supply in different markets around the world. 

This powerful platform helps you forecast traffic for new airline routes and model the economic impact of adding them to your schedules.



Demand is our new Route Forecasting Tool that will create a forecast in minutes, driven by our OAG proprietary methodology and drawing upon our unique data sets in the OAG Analyzer Platform.

Demand quickly assess the viability of new routes, easily allowing users to run several different scenarios to build a clear and realistic forecast.



Mapper Module

OAG's intuitive mapper module brings data, plans, presentations and projections to life.

Generate quality route maps to illustrate the historical and future growth of your network.

Board room quality graphics to sell your vision inside and outside your business.


DOT Module

OAG's DOT module provides unique access to the US Department of Transportation data.

Whether you need to analyse U.S. airline industry trends, make cost comparisons, benchmark financial performance or plan future activity, DOT analyser will deliver fast and accurate results.


Free trial

Interested in finding out more? Request a free trial today and speak to an OAG representative to discuss your exact needs and requirements. We can help you find the right solution.

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