WEBINAR | Survivor - What are Airlines Doing to be Ready for Recovery?

18 March 2021

We take a deeper look at the current state of airline operations, finances and fleet.

As we review Q1 and take a look at the prospects for Q2.

Becca Rowland, Partner,Midas Aviation and John Grant, Chief Analyst, OAG  are joined by our expert guest panelists of Brendan Sobie,  Independent Analyst, Sobie Aviation (morning session) and Andrew LobbenbergHead of European Transport team, HSBC (afternoon session)

Key discussion points:

  • Why have we seen so few airline failures?

  • What strategies are helping airlines survive?

  • Can airlines look forward to summer?

  • Q&A

Morning session:








Afternoon session








Topics: Airlines, Coronavirus, COVID-19, vaccinations

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