Vaccines and Vacations 2021

Open House Panel Discussion with the Experts.

Our last webinar of 2020 takes stock of where we are and looks back over 2020. A brief presentation is swiftly followed by an open floor discussion with our OAG experts, guest panellists and attendee questions. 

On this webinar Deidre Fulton, Partner,Midas Aviation is joined by John Grant, Chief Analyst, OAG with guest Hannah Pearson, Founding Partner, Peer Anderson, Kentaro YamaguchiHead of Route Development & Marketing, Central Japan International Airport and KeeKeat Ong, Director, Network Planning, Cebu Pacific Air.

Key discussion points:

  • Highs and Lows of 2020
  • What will Q1 2021 bring?
  • Vaccines and Vacations 2021








Recording of the second session of the day where Deidre Fulton, Partner,Midas Aviation is joined by John Grant, Chief Analyst, OAG with guests Buddy Anslinger, Director, Ricondo, Jim Hepple, MD, Tourism Analytics, Marcel Lekkerkerk, Director Route & Business Development, Amsterdam Schiphol Airport, Ogaga Udjo, Managing Director, ZA Logics, René Armas Maes, VP Commercial and Jose Pita, Head of Airline Business, GRU - Sao Paulo International Airport