The Perfect Storm

Can Airlines Navigate Their Way Out?

Quarantines, lockdowns, Covid-19 spikes and reluctant Government support is building a perfect storm for the airlines. Industry losses will exceed US$100 Billion, further fleet retirements are happening and thousands of jobs are at risk.  Is there a way forward? 

Listen to our latest webinar where we will discuss:

  • What measures are airlines taking to preserve cash?
  • Should governments provide additional support? 
  • Can airlines and airports be planning ahead despite the current pain?
  • What will characterise a resilient airline? 
  • Live Q&A

On this webinar Deirdre Fulton, Partner, MIDAS Aviation will be joined by John Grant, Chief Analyst, OAG with guest Germal Singh Khera, Director Aviation Development, Malaysian Aviation Commission








Recording of the second session of the day where Becca Rowland, Partner, MIDAS Aviation is joined by John Grant, Chief Analyst, OAG with guest Ogaga Udjo, Managing Director, ZA Logics