Strapped for Cash

How Airlines Can Survive Winter.

With summer almost gone we look at what airlines need to do to survive the winter.

Drawing on an Ishka assessment of airlines at risk, combined with the latest OAG data, we'll look at airline strategies to preserve cash, restructure their businesses to the current market conditions, and get through these unprecedented times. 

Included on this webinar:

  • How far will airline subsidies and state support go?
  • What happens after the CARES Act?
  • Prospects for consolidation.
  • Live Q&A

On this webinar Becca Rowland, Partner, MIDAS Aviation will be joined by John Grant, Chief Analyst, OAG with guest Edward Clayton, Partner, PwC Malaysia (Advisory).


Recording of the second session of the day where Deirdre Fulton, Partner, MIDAS Aviation is joined by John Grant, Chief Analyst, OAG with guest Jeremy Robinson, Partner, EU & Competition Law, aviation specialist, Watson, Farley & Williams.


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