Olympic Relay and Set for Summer

For Japan, 2020 was to be a breakthrough year. Off the back of a successful Rugby World Cup, the planned Olympics 2020 a visitor target of 40 million this year was to be the most exciting year on record. Despite COVID-19 destroying that ambition and forcing the Olympics to be delayed for a year, Japan appears to have been remarkably resilient at least from a domestic market perspective. But has it?

We discussed how the market has performed, how the authorities have handled the event and importantly how the market is now shaping up. This webinar is Japan focussed by with global markets and regional connectivity so important to the world’s third largest economy what happens there impacts everywhere!

Topics included :-

    • How successful has their COVID-19 approach been from an aviation perspective

    • Olympic efforts in the recovery but what potential for Olympics 2021 next year

    • Rebuilding traveller confidence; what’s happening in Japan

    • Live Q&A

John Grant, Chief Analyst and Mark Clarckson, Digital Product Director, OAG and were joined by special guest Kentaro Yamaguchi (MR), Senior Manager Head of Route Development & Marketing, Central Japan International Airport and were moderated by Deirdere Fulton from MIDAS Aviation.


Schools Out For Summer, said Alice Cooper. But this year feels very different from an airline perspective. The EU travel ban on US nationals along with the opening of corridors and bubble travel creates a complex web of travel planning for airlines and travellers alike. But what is really happening and what can we expect to see; do recent events indicate the future?

We discussed just some of these issues in what is seems to be a market beginning to re-open, but is that really the case?

Topics included :-

  • As Europe opens for the summer holidays, what can we expect?
  • Where will the hot-spots occur
  • How damaging will be selected market closures
  • Insights, traffic lights and more from OAG Analyser

John Grant, Chief Analyst and Matt Colling, Digital Product Director, OAG were moderated by Deirdre Fulton from MIDAS Aviation.