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The complexity of recovery for Legacy Airlines

As we remain at just 45% of the seat capacity available in the same week last year a real positive this week has been the capacity drop out for this week compared to that planned last week. In total we have seen just some 1.7 million seats removed or around a 3% change in short notice capacity. Perhaps an indication that airlines are finally getting a closer grip on planned operations as the recovery continues.

But are airlines getting a handle on the complexity of recovery? Join  us for our latest webinar where we will discuss:

  • Why are there no Asia Pacific carriers in the current Top 10 airlines for international flights? 

  • How airlines are building networks despite the closure of key markets 

  • Are we seeing more certainty in airline schedules?     

  • Insights, live Q&A and more from OAG

John Grant, Chief Analyst and Mark Clarkson, Digital Product Director, OAG were moderated by Becca Rowland from MIDAS Aviation.



Recording of the second session of the day