The Outlook for International Air Travel in 2022

Market Share and Prospects for the Remainder of 2022

This month our experts Deirdre Fulton, Partner at Midas Aviation, John Grant, Chief Analyst at OAG, are joined by our guest panelists: Sandeep Bahl (Executive Program Director, US-India Aviation Co-operation Program), Julian Carr (Chief Marketing Officer, Airlines & Route Development at GMR Airports Ltd) and Buddy Anslinger (Director at Ricondo & Associates).

In this webinar we review and discuss:

  • A round-up of the global travel recovery
  • How the travel recovery is taking place in key domestic and international markets
  • Are flight cancellations here to stay this summer?
  • Does the international travel recovery follow domestic?
  • Followed by a Q&A session

Morning session: with guest panelists Sandeep Bahl and Julian Carr







Afternoon session: with our guest panelist - Buddy Anslinger







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