COVID-19 and Air Travel #3 - Airports at the ready

We discuss how European and American airports need to be prepared for when air travel returns. 

In this webinar we look at what the current data  shows, discuss with leading airport practitioners in the market and find out what they see happening in the coming weeks.

Topics included :-

  • The latest schedule data on airline frequency and capacity - for the region's key airports and airlines 
  • Domestic and international trends
  • Insights on scheduled and cancelled operations 
  • Trends in aircraft type

On this webinar we are joined by John Grant, Senior Analyst and Matt Colling, Digital Product Director, OAG, Kam Jandu, CCO, BUD were joined by Buddy Anslinger, Director at Ricondo & Associatesand were moderated by Deirdere Fulton from MIDAS Aviation.


In the earlier session of this webinar we looked at Asian Airports.



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