Australia Reconnects - How strong could the recovery be?

01 December 2021

Insight and analysis for the Southwest Pacific region

John Grant, Chief Analyst OAG,  Deidre Fulton, Partner, Midas Aviation,  are joined by our guest panelists Simon Westaway, Strategy Director,  Royce Comm and Gordon Bevan, Head of Aeronautical Development, Christchurch International Airport

Key discussion points:

  • Obstacles to travel
  • Who will be travelling and where will they go?
  • What will travel and tourism in Australia and the Southwest Pacific region look like in 2022?

Followed by Q&A









  • Can Flying Ever Be Green? Towards Sustainability in Aviation
  • Can Test & Go Reboot Thailand's Tourism?
  • Case Study: Uber Reserve

Topics: Airlines, Asia, Aviation data, recovery, vaccinations, SE Asia

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