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New tool will provide unmatched US aviation insight

Luton, UK, 11 June 2014: OAG, the world’s leading aviation intelligence expert has launched DOT Analyser, a flexible, web-based portal that consolidates three aviation datasets from the US Department of Transportation (DOT) to deliver fast and accurate results. DOT Analyser is the latest addition to OAG’s market-leading Analyser suite of products.

US DOT T-100 collates information including passenger and cargo data, load factors and traffic schedules by carrier, class and aircraft type. Dataset US DOT Form 41 looks at traffic schedules by carrier. The data contains financial information such as balance sheets, income statements, employee counts and traffic schedules. The third dataset, US DOT Origin and Destination (O&D), provides data as reported by participating air carriers from the US DOT’s continuous 10% sample of airline tickets. 

John Grant, executive vice-president, OAG, says: “Data from the US Department of Transportation is vast, extremely valuable and has plenty of variables which can make it challenging to manipulate and interrogate for market insights. Our new Analyser product takes away all of that pain in an easy-to-use deck of analytic tools. DOT Analyser’s intuitive system is flexible and allows a high level of interactivity as power tables can be customised alongside time-saving automation of reports.”

OAG’s intuitive Analyser suite also includes Traffic Analyser, Connections Analyser, Schedules Analyser and Mapper. The suite of analytics and products provides detailed and comprehensive insight into traffic flows, schedules, connections, route planning and network analysis for global industries, the tools which analysts need to identify trends, spot commercial opportunities and monitor competitor activity.


Notes to editors:
For a more detailed analysis on the US Department of Transport’s aviation datasets, see here. 

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Amber Lynum
Corporate Ink for OAG