OAG Unveils New Report: “The Future of the Airline Passenger Experience”

London, 26th June 2024 - OAG, the global leader in travel data and insights, announces the release of its latest industry report, "The Future of the Airline Passenger Experience."

This comprehensive report explores three pivotal aspects reshaping the modern air travel experience: Flight Booking, Inflight Entertainment, and Airline Loyalty. Each section offers profound insights into the transformative impact of technology, data, and innovation on passenger interactions with airlines.

Key highlights include:

1) Flight Booking: The report analyzes the impact of technological advancements on passenger journey planning and booking. It explores how advanced digital platforms and personalized experiences are set to redefine the booking process, enhancing convenience and flexibility for travelers.

2) Inflight Entertainment: The analysis delves into the evolution of entertainment systems aboard aircraft and traces the journey from communal screens to personalized streaming services. It underscores how technology continues to reshape the inflight experience, offering passengers an expanding and increasingly immersive offering of entertainment and retail choices at their fingertips.

3) Airline Loyalty: The report illuminates shifting dynamics in customer engagement within the airline industry. Traditional loyalty models are evolving into more flexible approaches as airlines strive to forge deeper connections with a new generation of travelers and adapt to evolving expectations.

Jeremy Burke, Chief Commercial Officer at OAG, commented, "The airline industry is undergoing a transformative shift propelled by technology and data. The Future of the Airline Passenger Experience report provides a comprehensive exploration of these transformations, highlighting how airlines and the aviation industry leverage innovation to enhance every facet of the passenger journey."

The report also presents opportunities for growth in the airline sector, underscoring OAG's commitment to providing valuable resources for industry stakeholders navigating this dynamic landscape.

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About OAG:

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