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Innovation through collaboration is celebrated as leaders from the aviation, travel and academic sectors discuss emerging trends and developments in the Chinese capital

LUTON, June 26, 2018 -- OAG, the leading global provider of digital flight information, successfully hosted the 2018 China Roundtable in Beijing to launch its new OAG Customer Council initiative. The OAG Customer Council is an elite invitation-only forum that meets in a different gateway city to discuss strategic aviation industry opportunities and challenges. Some of the key issues discussed at the 2018 China Roundtable included the easing of the "one route, one airline" policy, the impact of Beijing New Airport opening and technological influences in the travel ecosystem.

Beijing was chosen to host the inaugural OAG Customer Council as China is on course to become the world’s largest air market, and is a regional leader in Asia Pacific for air passenger growth, airport and route development and the adoption of new travel search and booking technologies. As the world looks to China to drive new thinking in aviation, travel and tourism, it has become the fastest growing market for OAG, which delivers more than 54 million dynamic flight status updates daily.

China’s vibrant capital is preparing to open the world’s largest airport, Beijing New Airport located south of the city, which will become the city’s second major international air hub in 2019. Meanwhile, monthly seat capacity in China reached its highest ever point of 74.7 million seats in May 2018, a stunning increase of 14.5% year on year, notes OAG’s China Air Travel Report.

“The OAG Customer Council provides a fresh lens through which we can all learn and evolve together to meet the challenges that the fast-changing aviation sector faces,” says Vipul Nakum, Chief Product Officer for OAG. “Starting in Beijing, the dynamic capital of China, which is the world’s fastest-growing aviation market, these high-level meetings in strategic global cities will help us to deepen our relationships with key figures in the aviation and travel and tourism sectors, share exclusive insights and enable our customers to influence our product development strategy.“                                          

Designed as an intrinsic part of OAG’s product and service development, the OAG Customer Council comprises  a small group of key opinion leaders in aviation, travel and tourism and education, and meets once per year in a strategic global city. Delegates enjoy an opportunity to network with their peers, speak about their business challenges and take away exclusive data-driven insights. After the meeting, each participant receives quarterly updates to evaluate new OAG concepts and product prototypes.


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Amber Lynum
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