OAG Releases In-Depth Report on The Future of Airline Operations

LONDON, UK — (February 06, 2024) — OAG,  the world’s leading data platform for the global travel industry, has today released its latest industry report: The Future of Innovative Airline Operations.

This insightful report delves into the critical operational aspects of airlines, exploring the sweeping technological changes revolutionizing key operational areas: Aircraft Turnaround, Flight Planning, and Baggage Management.

Each section of the report provides detailed analysis and insights, highlighting innovations that are setting new operational benchmarks in the airline industry. The report breaks down into three comprehensive chapters:

  • Aircraft Turnaround: A focus on how digital innovations are transforming aircraft readiness for subsequent flights, leading to enhanced efficiency and reduced environmental impact.
  • Flight Planning: An exploration of how AI and Machine Learning are reshaping flight routing, contributing to fuel savings, reduced emissions, and improved customer satisfaction.
  • Baggage Management: A look at how cutting-edge technology is transforming baggage handling, reducing mishandling rates, and enhancing passenger experience.

Central to the report is a showcase of pioneering startups and established tech players whose innovative solutions are driving these operational transformations.

It provides a critical resource for comprehending the advancements and challenges in modern airline operations, marked by relentless innovation and technological progress.

The report is available to instantly download by clicking here.

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OAG is the world's leading provider of travel data and insight, offering comprehensive, reliable, data-driven insights to the world's airlines, airports, government agencies, and travel-related service companies. OAG is committed to the continuous support of the travel ecosystem, powered by an exceptional team and the vast potential of travel data.

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