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Busiest Domestic Airline Routes

There have been some changes to the Top 10 busiest domestic air routes this month, driven by the impact of COVID restrictions on travel. The 4th busiest air route from last month, Guangzhou – Shanghai where there were almost 670,000 seats last month, has fallen significantly in the rankings, down to 13th place, due to the current increase in cases there.

This brings an Indonesian domestic air route into the rankings for the first time this year, with Jakarta-Makassar entering in 8th place. Makassar, located in South Sulawesi, is the gateway to Eastern Indonesia. There are 5 carriers operating on this busy domestic air route with Batik Air and Lion Air operating nearly two-thirds of capacity between them.

Busiest International Airline Routes

Two Moscow air routes to the Crimea remain the largest international air routes again this month. These routes could be classed technically as domestic air routes as Simferopol, in the Crimean Peninsula is an annex of the Russian Federation, but still treated as part of Ukraine, hence its appearance in the international list. Both routes saw demand increase last month when Turkey went into lockdown. A third Crimea route, from St Petersburg is also in the Top 10 International Routes this month, in 8th place.

Once again four of the Top 10 busiest international air routes start or end in the USA, whilst there are no European or Asian air routes in the Top 10.


The busiest air routes are defined as those with the largest volume of scheduled airline seats in the current calendar month. Data is for flights in both directions on each route and is sourced from OAG Schedules Analyzer in the first week of each month. The data reflects the most recent full calendar month for the busiest scheduled domestic and international aviation routes in each category.