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OAG’s Market Intelligence team will deliver aviation data analysis results to your exact specifications from one-off projects to regular reporting, underpinned by the most comprehensive air travel database in the industry.

A team of analysts build and deliver custom reports and visualisations based on our vast historical air travel data.

Schedules, flight status data and analysis are becoming increasingly important not just to airports and airlines but also to a wide variety of companies and organisations such as governments, manufacturers,educational institutions, aviation services and consultancies for business critical projects tailored to an increasingly diverse client base.

Powerful aviation data analysis with comprehensive historical air travel data

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    OAG 360 | a total view of flight stats on a certain route | NCL to CPH

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    OAG 360 -  Glossary of Stats 

Key Features

  • Ad-hoc Reports & Aviation Analysis
    flight schedules, connections, passenger traffic and flight status
  • Dashboards & Models
    Use historical data to highlight trends, frequencies, gaps and discrepancies
  • Large-Scale Extracts
    raw data for external analyses
  • Custom Analysis
    Coupling customer-specific data with OAG’s historical data 

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Why Businesses Choose Us

  • Unique data sources with the most comprehensive air travel network in the world
  • Single source - reports delivered using any combination of dataset over any time sequence
  • Market leading analysis tools - intelligence extracted form our very own OAG analyser suite
  • Flexible delivery to suit any timeframe
  • Subject experts - key aviation data expertise to unlock more insight

Who Uses OAG Market Intelligence

  • Airports
  • Airlines
  • Governments
  • Manufacturers
  • Aviation Services
  • Educational Institutions 
  • Consultancies


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What our customers say about us

"Cranfield University’s Centre for Air Transport Management have been using OAG data for over 20 years. More recently students and academic staff have used Schedules Analyser as a key part of their teaching and research. The global coverage of the data and the availability of past, current and future data has provided a key input into market studies and forecasting assignments. As well as the data itself Cranfield has found the OAG Customer Support staff have been on call to provide help and advice when needed. Cranfield is looking forward to future developments of the Analyser products to help future students with their studies.
Cranfield University
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