This release of Analyser contains important new functionality in Connections Analyser. One of the main uses of Connections Analyser is to be able to model the impact on connections from adding a new phantom flight. Exclude scheduled flights takes this a step further, it allows a user to delete current scheduled flights to model the impact on connections from taking these flights out. A user can combine Exclude Scheduled Flights with Phantom Flights to exclude flights and add in new flights to model how this effects connectivity. Also in this release a new search option has been added to Schedules Analyser to search by State.


Exclude Scheduled Flights 

Exclude Scheduled Flights functionality allows a user to delete a flight or multiple flights to model how this effects connectivity. The user can use Phantom Flights with this to include new flights. All other options in Connections Analyser can be used with Exclude Scheduled Flights functionality including QSI, custom MCT’s etc.

Exclude Scheduled Flights is in a new section called ‘Customise Flights’ with Phantom Flights.

Figure 1 - New Customise Flights section


To start to use Exclude Scheduled Flights click the blue arrow to take you to the right-hand panel.

Figure 2 - Exclude Scheduled Flights section in right hand panel

Figure 2 shows how Exclude Scheduled Flights looks in the right hand panel. There are two options here; you can either make a new search to search for flights to exclude (click ‘Search Schedules’ button) or you can select a saved selection of flights from previous searches or edit/delete groups.

Saved flight selections are shown in the right-hand panel under ‘Saved Flights’ or can be found in the middle panel.  

When you click on ‘Search Schedules’ a new panel shows in the right-hand side. Here you can search for schedules you would like to exclude from your query. 

Working through an example, figure 3 below shows flights for BA LHR to JFK for 28th February 2019. In this example we want to exclude BA117 flight at 08:25. This flight has been selected by clicking the tick box at the left of the table. When clicking this tick box the flight is selected and is shown in a table below. You can either save this flight selection under ‘Saved Flights’ or click ‘OK’ to select this flight to exclude. Multiple flights can be selected and excluded. The search can be used for one Carrier, Flight Number, Origin or Destination or a combination.

Please note - if you want to exclude a full carriers schedule please use the exclude option under carrier in the middle panel.

Figure 3 – Search screen in right hand panel.

When you click ‘OK’ the flight(s) selected will be shown in the ‘My Report’ right hand panel.

Figure 4 – Input screen showing excluded flights


The Connections Analysis report is set up in the same way as before. In this example we want to see the impact on onward JFK connections from excluding our flight BA117. Figure 4 shows the query screen set up to run this example. We want to see all connections for the 28th February 2018 with Origin LHR, Gateway 1 JFK, Connection type Interline and excluding the flight BA117.

Figure 5 – Results in excel showing BA117 has been excluded

Figure 5 shows the results with all possible connections excluding BA117. We know the flight has been excluded because when you search for this flight, BA117 is not there.


State Search in Schedules Analyser

From customer feedback we have added the option to search by 'State' in Schedules Analyser. The ‘State’ search is located in the middle input panel in all reports. The user can also exclude by 'State'. 'State' dimensions are also included in the Power Table under dimensions.

State is located in the input screen here:

Figure 6 - New State search option

New Power Table Dimensions are called: 

  • Dep State Code
  • Dep State Name
  • Arr State Code
  • Arr State Name


Release Notes: Analyser 2.5.7 - 12th March 2019