This release contains the following exciting NEW features in Traffic Analyser:

  • Load Factor Calculation
  • Total Revenue Calculation
  • Pro Rata Fares Calculation
  • Average and Online Fares in High Charts


New! - Load Factor

The Segment Report in Traffic Analyser has been renamed to 'Segment & Load Factor Report' and now includes load factor! Load factor is a metric to show how full an aircraft is. It is calculated using Estimated Pax in Traffic Analyser divided by Total Seats from Schedules Analyser.   


Figure 1 - New 'Segment & Load Factor Report' in Traffic Analyser Home Page


Load Factor is now available in the Segment tab in the results page of the Segment & Load Factor Report. 

Figure 2 - New results page showing load factor for LHR to JFK for the year 2016


New! - Total Revenue Calculation

A new metric called Total Est. Revenue has been added to the Power Table Report in Traffic Analyser. The current Total Revenue metric calculates revenue by class whereas our new metric Total Est. Revenue calculates using Total Est. Pax multiplied by AvgFare Total. This new metric allows for the data to be manipulated in Excel.

Figure 3 - New Total Est. Revenue metric is located under Revenue in the Traffic Analyser Power Table 


Example - LHR-JFK Jan 2016:

Total Est. Revenue = Total Est. Pax x AvgFare Total

Total Est Revenue = 119,558 x 890 = $106,361,697

AvgFare Total = 106,364,697 / 119,558 = $890


New! - Pro-Rata Fare Calculation

Two new metrics in the Traffic Analyser Power Table have been added as part of this release called Pro Rata Avg Fare and Pro Rata Seg Dist Share (%). The current Average Fare metric shows the average fare for a routing including connections. The new metric Pro Rata Avg Fare breaks this down to each flight in a connecting journey using distance and allocates a fare to each flight. 

Example - For the routing LHR-LAX-SFO the average fare is $985. LHR-LAX segment accounts for 94% of the total distance and therefore has a pro rata average fare of $927 (985 x 0.94 = $927).

'Pro Rata Seg Dist Share' metric gives the share of the segment of interest as a percentage of the total routing distance.  

Figure 4 -  Pro Rata Avg Fare can be found under Avg Fare group in the Traffic Analyser Power Table. and Pro Rata Seg Dist Share (%) can be found under Distance group

These two metrics can only be used with traffic type Segment in the Power Table.


New! - Average and Online Fare in High Charts

Average Fare and Online Fare charts have been added in the results pages of the O & D and Segment & Load Factor Reports in Traffic Analyser. These charts were originally ordered by average/online fare from highest to lowest however this showed high average fares for obscure routing's with low passenger numbers. To allow for these outliers the fare charts have been ordered by estimated passengers from highest to lowest. The following are example's of the new charts for the route London Gatwick (LGW) to Malaga (AGP) for the year 2016: 

Figure 5 - Average fare column chart for LGW to AGP for the year 2016 shown by dominant published airline


 Figure 6 - Online Fare column chart for LGW to AGP for the year 2016 shown by dominant published airline

Figure 7 - Average Fare line chart to show seasonality of fares for LGW to AGP, 2016 for British Airways and Norwegian


Tidy Up to High Charts

High Charts in all modules have been through a tidy up to make the charts less cluttered. 'Modify Chart' which was in the bottom left hand corner has now been moved into the drop down menu in the top right corner in the chart. 'Maximise/Minimise' which was in the bottom right hand corner of the chart has also been moved into the drop down menu in the top right. This allows for the chart to be look cleaner and be slightly bigger.   

Release Notes: Analyser 2.5.2 - 12th September 2018