DOT Analyser is the final module of the Analyser suite to be given the new Next Generation Analyser look and feel. As part of this development we have also created the product to be more user friendly and we have made the pre-calculated Network and Financial ratio's in Form 41 more visible.

New features of DOT Analyser include:

  • Easily view all possible input parameters
  • Report selections automatically appearing on screen
  • Tree structure for dimensions and metrics to easily choose required fields
  • Combined T100 Domestic and International data to easily analyse both
  • New 'Data Overview' button to see when the data has been updated
  • Addition of Job Bin functionality to run multiple reports at the same time
  • Pre-calculated Network and Financial Ratios in Form 41, for example:
    • Revenues per Block Hour
    • Revenues per Flight Hour
    • Costs per Mile
    • Costs per ASM
    • Costs per Departure and more

 DB1B Report

Figure 1 - New DB1B Report Page


New Dimensions and Metrics

In the new DOT Analyser we have made using dimensions and metrics easier by putting them into a tree format. We have also included a search box to easily search for the dimension or metric required. 

T100 Dimensions and Metrics

Figure 2 - Example of new Dimensions and Metrics in all DOT reports


Release Notes: Analyser 2.5 - 30th May 2018