We have refreshed the look and feel of Mapper as well as including enhancements and adding extra functionality. The first enhancement is making the database the same as Schedules Analyser, this means the two products can be compared and used together as well as giving three years of historical data in Mapper (in the classic version of Mapper it did not have any historical data). Secondly we have moved the map to use Google maps which gives more customisation options and extra functionality. 

New UI options:

  • Display – ‘Active and Custom routes’ can now be viewed in the same map 
  • Period – full functionality of the Period function, rather than simply month in the Classic version
  • Origin Distance Range – new option to be able to highlight a particular range from an origin to focus in on destinations that are ‘x’ distance from the origin
  • Plot unserved ports – add in unserved ports from a particular origin
  • Custom Routes – similar functionality to Classic Mapper and custom groups in other Analyser products
New Output customisation options:
  • Display Routes highlighted by Equipment Type, Operating Carrier, Carrier Category, Origin and Destination
  • Highlight new and existing routes of interest
  • Customise Map Style to Google defaults or create your own with your companies branding
  • Add airport labels by code or name
  • Customise routes by changing the thickness of the line, colour of the line and customise marker points


 Example results screens:


Figure 1 - Mapper output showing routes out of Singapore Changi Airport highlighted by equipment type


Figure 2 - Mapper output showing all routes out of London Heathrow using map style 'Aubergine'


 Figure 3 - Mapper output showing unserved ports in Turkey between the range 3,000km - 4,000km from London Luton Airport


Release Notes: Analyser 2.4 - 6th February 2018