As part of the Next Generation Analyser Suite we have created a new Reference module to bring together our reference data. There are eight standard reference reports which were also in the Classic version of Analyser. Most of the reports are the same as the Classic version but have a new look and feel. We have also made improvements to our MCT report and Distance Calculator:

  • MCT report – the output layout is now tabbed as with standard Analyser output. It is also now shows the airport default MCTs as the first tab / table rather than the worldwide defaults which are of less value.
  • Distance Calculator – we have now integrated google mapping as with the other modules. We have also created functionality so multiple paths can be added. Further to that, we have added comparison data (circuity and distance) in order to quickly understand the particular circuity of a routing and inform other analysis (e.g. if setting up a detailed Connections Analysis, the Distance Calculator can now be used to assess circuitous routings and shorten time required for Connections Analysis).


 Figure 1 - New MCT page and output


Figure 2 - New Distance Calculator Output

Figure 2 shows our new Distance Calculator output. It is showing between LHR-LAX the distance is 8,759km, the distance between LHR-JFK is 5,539km and JFK-LAX is 3,974km. The total distance LHR-JFK-LAX is 9,513km which is 9% more than the direct path (8,759km) and hence has a circuity of 109%. 

In Connections Analyser we had two reports 'Airport Terminal' and 'Airport by Carrier', these have been added to out Reference module so all Analyser user's can access them.


Release Notes: Analyser 2.1 - 5th July 2017