Connections Analyser is the next in the suite to be given the new Analyser look and feel with a simple screen and improved interface. We have also enhanced functionality of adding phantom flights and customisation of connections parameters.

New features include:  

  • Easily view all possible input parameters
  • Report selections automatically appearing on screen
  • Configurable output of tabs
  • New graphical options make Connections Analyser data simpler
  • Customisation of Connections Parameters - added functionaility
  • Improved Phantom Flights logic and user assistance


New Connections Analyser UI visual

Figure 1 - Connections Analysis Report New Results Page


Customisation of Connections Parameters

Figure 2 - Image of Connection Parameters Input Section

In the new version of Connections Analyser all query options for connections have been grouped together under the heading 'Connection Parameters' to make it easier to create the right search.

We have also added the following new functionality:

  • Inclusion of ‘All’ as a trip type option – this includes Direct, Single and Double connections in one click
  • Max Circuity – Low (125), Medium (150) and High (175) circuity have been added as guidance options. ‘Custom’ which still allows the option to enter specific values themselves
  • Connection Window – this gives the option to set the connection window rather than simply MaxCT as we have in the Classic UI, for example 6-12 hours rather than 0-12 hours. If the minimum is set to 0, it will pick up all of the MCTs we hold, as well as the exceptions.

Phantom Flights

Figure 3 - Phantom Flights Options in Right Hand Panel

Figure 4 - Add/Edit Options in Right Hand Panel

As part of the new release we have spent time on making phantom flights more user friendly and have made the following enhancements:

  • Phantom flights criteria have been reordered to be more logical selection steps in the process of adding a new flight
  • Adding Carrier generates Equipment dropdown, for example adding BA as Carrier then populates the Equipment dropdown with equipment that BA operates
  • Selecting Equipment then informs the Seats selection (the seats value(s) that we hold for that carrier, on that Equipment type)
  • In each of these cases we still have the capability to add custom values – for the ‘what if’ scenario
  • When Departure Time is entered, we provide an indicative Elapsed Time along with Arrival Time / Day, based on time zone differences and typical elapsed time on that routing. Again, we also have a customise option for different elapsed times.


Release Notes: Analyser 2.2 - 18th September 2017