New UI

Fresh new look with a simple screen and improved interface:

  • Easily view all possible input parameters
  • Run reports without having to see the information you do not need
  • Check criteria choices as you work with report selections using the right hand panel
  • New graph options make analysing data simpler
  • Standalone Segment report – this was previously part of the O&D report


Traffic Analyser Input Panel

Figure 1 - Traffic Analyser Report Page


Online Fares

We are very excited to announce New Online Fares are now available in Traffic Analyser. 

  • Online fares for Europe, Middle East and Asia Pacific Airlines
  • Weighted average fares for 56 airlines
  • Historical monthly data to January 2015

Our new online fares are sourced from RDC. The data is collected for specific points throughout the sales-cycle of each flight and at the same points across all routes and airlines in order to maintain consistency. From this raw data-file of millions price-points, an indicative monthly average fare is generated, directionally, for each airline and airport pair, using a proprietary algorithm that builds a route-specific booking profile based on several core indicators derived from years of pricing and revenue management experience.

Carriers with online fares:


U2, FR, TO, HV, W6, 0B, LS, ZB, 3O, G9, E5, 9P, BA, AF, KL, AZ, AB, VY, 4U, BE, EI, FZ, RO, OK, D8, KM, V7, OS, LX, LO.


6E, JQ, SG, FD, AK, 3K, TZ, I5, QZ, D7, TR, SL, GK, BL, JT, Z2, XT, XJ, TT, ID, IT, IW, XW, QF, VA, OD.

The fares are in US Dollars and exclude taxes to compliment our Travelport fares.

TA2 Figure 2 - New Traffic Analyser results page including a column for Online Fares.


Release Notes: Analyser 2.1 - 5th July 2017