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Schedules_SSIM-WDF.pngOAG has the definitive airline schedules database with more than 900 airlines including 115 low-cost carriers and 4000 airports.

OAG schedules data is relied upon across the industry to provide the most accurate and up-to-date airline schedules data in a format and frequency which suits the customer.

Formatted to comply with all aspects of the SSIM (Standard Schedules Information Manual), this data can be easily integrated into your IT infrastructure. You can ensure frustration and costs associated with failed bookings and re-bookings due to errors are eliminated, deliver higher levels of customer service and increase loyalty.

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Consolidated global flight schedules integrated directly into your systems and applications

Key Features

  • Flexibility: track flight schedule changes by Airport, Carrier, Route or Code share partnership
  • Formatted to comply with all aspects of the Standard Schedules Information Manual (SSIM) – Chapter 7, as defined by IATA
  • Data validity may be set in accordance with the needs of each individual customer
  • Choice of full, partial and changes-only airline schedules data files
  • Coverage can include all carriers or any sub-set to meet individual needs
  • Choice of delivery frequency
  • Range of compression and transmission options


More About SSIM


About OAG's Data

  • 99% global flight schedules updated monthly
  • 100,000 schedule changes a day
  • Over 100,000 MCT exception records
  • More than 900 airlines
  • 4000 airports
  • 115 LCCs
  • Including Premium Economy data

Who Uses SSIM?

  • Airline network planning
  • Airport route development
  • Operational planning
  • Travel tech distribution


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What our customers say about us


“United Airlines has depended on OAG as our primary source for aviation intelligence for over 15 years. As the world’s leading airline, our network planning and new route development operations trust OAG to deliver the most accurate and comprehensive data available anywhere, which is underscored by their relentless focus on quality customer service and support.”

Sam Patel, Managing Director, Flight Profitability & Scheduling Analysis
United Airlines


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