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Promote your airport as a convenient gateway by showcasing routes and connections through an attractive, interactive online map.

Maximise your online influence by ensuring your customers as well as potential customers can access airport route information in an easy and convenient way. 

Underpinned by OAG’s definitive airline schedules database and infrastructure, you can be reassured you have a reliable, accurate and user-friendly map that is embedded on your website. Not only will routemapper maximise your airport's network and connection strengths, it will also display places of interest which will support and enhance your position as a destination airport.

To learn more, download the Routemapper product sheet now  pdf.png

The ultimate airport marketing tool to promote routes, connectivity and destinations

  • RouteMapper.jpg
  • Geneva_Airport_Route_Mapper.png
    Routemapper for Geneva Airport
  • Geneva_Airport_Route_Mapper_Zoomed.png
    Routemapper for Geneva Airport, zoomed-in view
  • Geneva_to_Bucharest_Route_Mapper.png
    Routemapper for Geneva to Bucharest
  • Geneva_to_Athens_Route_Mapper.png
    Routemapper for Geneva to Athens

Key Features

  • Highly Configurable
    • full view (all flights to/from/via your airport, directs and connections)
    • show or hide (‘From’, ‘To’, and ‘Via’ searches)
    • include or exclude codeshares and low cost connections
  • Upgraded technology & visualisation
    • interactive Google Map
    • responsive design
    • printable results
  • Destination-led searching
    • show all outbound and returning flights for a given destination
    • view direct and connecting routes
    • filter by codeshare, non-stop, flexi dates (+/- 3 days), airline, time, number of stops and airport
    • sort by earliest flight, latest flight or duration
  • End-to-End Flight Details 
    • View connecting routes and full flight details for both legs

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