Discover the World's Busiest Airline Routes in 2022

Busiest Routes 2022
explores the last 12 months to bring an overall picture of performance, including:

  • Busiest Routes by scheduled seats
  • Longest Routes by miles
  • Most Competitive Routes
  • Largest Unserved Routes

Learn and discover how:

  • Middle East airports play an important role in the busiest international airline routes with four of the Top 10 airline routes operating on high-density routes within the Middle East. 
  • Nine of the Top 10 domestic airline routes operate within the Asia Pacific region.
  • Pre-covid the busiest international route operated 82 flights per day, this year the same airline route averages just 33 flights per day.
  • The longest airline route is 9527 miles with an average flight time of 18 hours and 40 minutes.

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