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Schedules Alerts

Schedules_Alerts.pngOAG receives over 100,000 schedules changes a day. Staying up to speed with deviations and maximising opportunities as a result of them can be a challenging task.

With OAG schedules alerts you can automatically keep up to speed with all the changes that matter to you.

This online flight schedules tracking and notification system keeps you completely informed with real-time flight schedule changes, airline route changes, and new airline routes, allowing you to track updates by airports, airlines, routes and codeshare partnerships via email notification.

To learn more, download the Schedules Alerts product sheet now  pdf-icon.png

Gain a competitive advantage with OAG's real-time flight schedule tracking and notification system

Key Features

  • Flexibility: track flight schedule changes by Airport, Carrier, Route or Code share partnership
  • Based on the above, you can track the following:
    • All new, deleted and changed flight routes
    • New and deleted flight numbers
    • Operational effective period/frequency changes
    • Time changes – adjustable tolerance available
    • Equipment changes – wide/narrow body results available
    • Terminal changes
    • Daily real-time schedule updates available
    • Custom format and delivery options
    • Sample layouts available on request
  • Monitor up to 360 days ahead
  • Archive changes for up to 30 days
  • Export data results to excel for quick & easy analysis 

More About Schedules Alerts


Key Benefits

  • Manage revenue to maximise yields and enhance margins
  • Adjust capacity to meet market demand and capitalise on opprtunities
  • Track competitors and incumbent airline monitoring in one place
  • Manage relationships proactively, ensuring delivery of immediate benefits to airline partners
  • Save on analytical time and resource

Who Uses Schedules Alerts?

  • Airports - air service development, operations and airline relationship management
  • Airlines - network planning, revenue management, operations
  • Airport Services - ground handling, baggage services
  • Logistics - freight forwarders, cargo supply chain


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What our customers say about us


“United Airlines has depended on OAG as our primary source for aviation intelligence for over 15 years. As the world’s leading airline, our network planning and new route development operations trust OAG to deliver the most accurate and comprehensive data available anywhere, which is underscored by their relentless focus on quality customer service and support.”

Sam Patel, Managing Director, Flight Profitability & Scheduling Analysis
United Airlines

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