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Schedules_RefData.pngEnsure your internal and external systems are up to date with essential reference data files detailing IATA and ICAO airline codes, aircraft, aircraft type, country, state, DST data and more. 

Integrate this data seamlessly into your existing systems with IATA codes translated in an instant into corresponding names for airlines, cities, airport and aircrafts, listed in full, eliminating the risk of error or misinterpretation.

To learn more, download the Reference Data product sheet now pdf-icon.png  

The most comprehensive airline reference data for IATA and ICAO codes

Key Features

  • IATA & ICAO codes translated in an instant into corresponding names for airlines, cities, airports and aircraft listed in full
  • Daily updates available
  • Custom format and delivery options
  • Sample layouts available on request

For a detailed guide on the importance of this data, take a look at our latest report, World of Reference Data.WorldofRefData-book-thumbnail.jpg

More about Reference Data


About The Data

  • DST & time zones - changes in each time zone, current year and 5 years ahead ( ISO and UTC/GMT)
  • Location - full name and IATA three letter codes for city and airport worldwide
  • Carriers - full name and IATA two-character code for every airline
  • Equipment - IATA general and specific aircraft codes
  • Aircraft configuration - airline specific and manufacturers default passenger seat configuration

Who Uses Reference Data?

  • Airline network planning, schedule and marketing
  • Airport route development
  • Operational planning
  • Travel tech distribution and sales
  • Consultancies
  • Hospitality
  • Government


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What our customers say about us

"United Airlines has depended on OAG as our primary source for aviation intelligence for over 15 years. As the world’s leading airline, our network planning and new route development operations trust OAG to deliver the most accurate and comprehensive data available anywhere, which is underscored by their relentless focus on quality customer service and support."
Sam Patel, Managing Director, Flight Profitability & Scheduling Analysis
United Airlines
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