Ancillary revenues deliver more than $35 billion dollars of value to airlines*. Airlines are looking to recover revenues as quickly as possible and optimizing ancillary is a critical to airline recovery. 


OAG has the most comprehensive detailed content and manages seat updates, configurations and aircraft capacitfor over 300 of the world’s leading airlinesWe continuously update our database covering over 4000 carrier specific seat configurations by aircraft types. 


Seat and aircraft information is increasingly in demand as travelers want more visibility and choice when booking.  More travelers are prioritizing comfort, and 2019 saw a 25% rise in popularity of Premium Economy and 9% growth in Business Class, in 2019**. Providing accurate data/configurations ensures you maximize the opportunities.

*Source: 2019 Ancillary Revenue Yearbook Ideaworks

**Source: Skyscanner

Accurate seat data and cabin class will: - 

Boost your traffic volumes

  • Through our schedule distribution service, you can ensure your seat information hits the marketplace informing potential bookers instantly 
  • While travel shopping, customers want to view and compare a wide range of travel content. This is not only related to flights, but also ancillaries like seat selection, cabin class, extra bags, in-flight meals, and so on. 
  • OTA and metasearch sites have their own algorithm and they penalize search findings if content hasn’t been updated for a while, so schedule changes need sent to the marketplace instantly to avoid being put at a disadvantage 
  • Simplifying the searching and shopping process is critical in boosting conversions and hitting the ‘search sweet spot’—a wide range of accurate content, delivered quickly will increase conversion and reduce the window between shopping and booking 


Maximize the value of NDC to drive ancillary revenues 

  • Transparent pricing requires transparent seat information. Every seat in the wrong cabin is a missed revenue opportunity; we can help you maximize revenue by ensuring your seat information is dynamically updated 

If you would like more information. please contact our team by completing the form at the top of this page or, if you are in a position now to send us your seat configuration details  please complete the file within the button below and submit to reference@oag.com


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