Most of the world’s airlines have been sending us flight information for over 90 years and use our complimentary distribution and data management services and wider ecosystem to drive tickets sales and support the day-of-travel experience. Through OAG you can :

  • Access our data management service at no cost to your airline,  to save time and manage the unexpected
  • Maximize ticket revenues
  • Rethink how you compete for bookings
  • Protect your reputation and increase brand loyalty
  • Harness the self - connecting passenger
  • Make codeshare partnerships work better for the traveler

For more information on our schedules quality checks/validation criteria  - please download our presentation


The Standard Schedule Message SSM and the Ad Hoc Schedules message ASM are the industry preferred methods of distributing changes.

The use of SSM allows the transmission of permanent changes to an airline’s basic, (i.e. regularly operated) schedules, whereas ASM is intended to transmit deviation from the basic schedule for single days. ASM messages are accepted by OAG for use in our Flight Status and Dynamic schedules products but ASM messages are not applied to the OAG Schedules database.

For all airlines, the effectiveness of flight data exchange whether to their scheduling and operational systems, ARS or to data distributors; the timing and immediacy of schedule distribution is critical.

The Key Benefits

  1. Guarantees your schedules are always up to date and accurate by allowing immediate transmission directly from your Airlines own reservation or operations system
  2. Reduces re-booking fees by speeding up the transmission of your data and increasing visibility into the GDS distribution chain.
  3. Offers the opportunity to use OAG as a single distribution point for a GDS recipient 
  4. Failsafe against errors as comprehensive data checking procedures by our experts mean errors are sent back to your airline immediately
  5. Stringent security allows the submission of hosted data
  6. Opportunity to use your existing Crew Planning or Slot software that may already have the ability to create SSM or ASM messages
  7. Compatible with a full SSIM file and so allows periodic data re-fresh
  8. One to one system testing with individual testing plans created for you with a dedicated support group for your airline


SSIM data format offers an automated method of exchanging and updating schedules, and is defined and positioned as the Industry Format for the exchange of complete data schedule changes. SSIM (Standard Schedules Information Manual) is an acronym for the industry standard format for relaying complete schedule information in an automated environment.

The Key Benefits

    1. A simple and easy method of delivering schedules by file transfer
    2. It is a reliable, easy and well-established process that any airline can use quickly.
    3. Ensures daily accuracy of flight schedules


Submitting your schedule to OAG is complimentary. We make it easy to provide your schedule data. We accept data supplied according to industry standards but also accept manual submissions preferably in Excel files - alternative formats can be used where required. We also have an online direct access facility to enable you to load your own data. Data will be loaded on receipt and verification of your schedule.

Our experts are on hand to make the process as simple as possible and support your every step. For more advice on the best method for your airline please contact us via

To provide us with a copy of your planned schedule, please complete and return the Schedules Data Submission form to


OAG can distribute schedule changes dynamically and we handle over 120,000 changes every day on average from more than 120 carriers updating 5000 changes hour. Travel providers have sophisticated algorithms that create unique ranking systems,for flight search some of which include the freshness of the data in their calculations. This means your schedules data will need to be fit for purpose if you are going to compete and avoid lost revenue.

We can provide the best management your schedules data ensuring your flight changes can be updated in real time to the marketplace.