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Flying hours are the pilot’s currency in the marketplace. GPS and OAG's Flight Status API allow for simple logging.

Global Pilot Source (GPS) is a pioneering app and platform for both pilots and airlines. It functions both as a recruitment platform connecting airlines and pilots directly, and is also the first automated flight hours log for pilots, enabling pilots to grow their professional profile as they fly.

Pioneering Platform and App 

In a fragmented and under served market, GPS is the single central platform, connecting Airlines and Business Jet operators to a pool of talented and suitably qualified Pilots.

Removing the need for recruitment agencies, GPS provides a win/win situation for both Airlines and Pilots by providing clear services that benefit both parties equally.

Airlines are able to promote their requirements directly to a global, suitably qualified pool of pilots without incurring any costs outside of the simple annual subscription. In addition, they are able to build, connect and communicate with talent pools of pilots without having to regularly request updated CV’s, because of the way the pilots flight hours and profile are automatically updated.

Pilots benefit from being able to discover and apply for worldwide opportunities in one location, removing the need to deal with multiple agencies or airlines.

Additionally, they can manage their full professional profile in a single location, with hosting for all their legal documentation within their GPS profile. A key benefit of the GPS App for pilots is that it updates their flying logbook in real time, with automated flight hours logging and tracking directly within the App, making it easier for pilots and Airlines to seamlessly connect based on requirement and experience.

Both parties benefit from a single central marketplace, that streamlines the recruitment process whist supporting documentation flow and direct communication between all parties on a single platform.

The GPS Challenge 

Automatically Logging pilots’ hours is core to the functionality of the GPS platform. Flying hours are the pilot’s currency in the marketplace, and it’s very important that they are logged and tracked accurately. Traditionally, pilots have had to manually update their personal flying hours via their own tracking or contact the airline directly, to be provided with them manually. This is not only time consuming but can also mean that pilots are missing out on opportunities, by not showcasing their updated capabilities to potential employers.

However, GPS enables pilots to automatically log flight hours to their profile via the App, which not only saves them considerable time, but also ensures that their market profile is always up to date and available to be viewed by potential employers.

The OAG Solution

Global Pilot Source uses both OAG’s Flight Notifications for Business and OAG’s Flight Status API to enable pilots to proactively look up and register their flights to be tracked and logged within their profile on the App.

This means that both pilots within the app and Airlines using the app for recruitment are presenting and dealing with the freshest data and experience.

“We came to OAG because they were responsive, informative, reliable and technically superior -which made integration easy. The OAG data is fundamental to the GPS App, where it is becoming recognised as a real game changer in the aviation industry.”

Laura Jo Barker, Co-Founder at Global Pilot Source


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