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Flight Status API

DataFeedAPI.pngAccurate, real-time and comprehensive global flight status API aggregated from hundreds of sources on 130k+ daily flights into a “single truth” data stream.


Our flexible, easily-consumed global flight status information feeds integrate seamlessly with your existing solutions and products such as airport operational systems, digital displays, websites, applications, travel management solutions, reservation systems and more.
Enhance product offerings and improve traveller experience with a choice of flight status APIs, weather API and airport delay API to suit your specific business needs including current flight status by airport(s) or airline(s), ongoing updates and current weather at hundreds of cities worldwide.
To learn more, download the Flight status API product sheet now  pdf-icon.png 

Accurate, actionable flight status APIs to improve the travel experience

Flight Status APIs

Query Response – Current flight status information delivered in easily readable XML. Data for an individual flight or all flights on an airline to/from specific airports. Whole airport query response for airports and integrators. Single query response for app data feeds and travellers.

Global Data Feeds – A complete snapshot of all current flight statuses followed by changes to flight status on a continuous basis. Customers can pull data in a compressed tab delimited file or opt to get data pushed in an XML format. Scope of flights can be worldwide, by countries, by airport(s) or by airline(s).

Weather API

  • Description and graphic depiction of weather at hundreds of cities around the world delivered on a periodic basis. Includes current weather (precipitation, etc.) and temperature.

Airport Delay API

  • Continually updated delay status information on inbound and departing flights at hundreds of airports. (North America only)


More about Flight Status Data APIs


Unlock Hidden Value

  • Enhance offering and personalise the passenger experience 
  • Proactively keep travellers and businesses informed in real-time on flight status and help them plan around travel disruptions
  • Compliment existing systems, overlay data, maximise quality and improve your products and services
  • Monitor and benchmark your airport or airline on-time performance and that of your competitors
  • Improve operational efficiencies 

Who Uses Flight Status Data API?

  • Airlines
  • OTAs (Online Travel Agencies)
  • Travel Tech Companies
  • Metasearch
  • TMCs (Travel Management Companies)
  • Travel Providers
  • Airports & Airport Services
  • Developers


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What our customers say about us

“Our customers expect easy, real-time access to flight information anytime, anywhere. OAG flightview’s® data enables us to push proactive flight-status updates directly to our customers’ mobile devices. The partnership has improved the service we’ re able to deliver to our customers and increased our in-trip stickiness with travellers."
Yang Wei, EVP & CEO of Flight Group
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