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Direct to your users or  for internal distribution, flight status alerts keep travellers, travel agents and travel companies proactively informed about critical changes to travel plans.

Frequent travellers depend on travel management companies and agents to handle travel planning and disruptions seamlessly, with immediate notification of changes to and quick recovery of travel plans.

Flight Notifications for Business (FNB) are delivered via email to you for distribution to internal users or customers or we can deliver alerts direct to your users via email and/or text.

Provide timely, accurate flight status alerts to ensure efficiency and best-in-class customer service.
To learn more, download the OAG flightview® Alerts product sheet now pdf-icon.png

Flight status alerts you - and your customers - can act on

Improve your travellers’ experience when you alert them immediately of changes to travel plans and quickly react to get their trip back on track.

Flight Notifications for Business (FNB) delivers notifications to you via HTTP(S) for you to redistribute or send directly to your users via email

  • Ensure efficiency and best-in-class customer service
  • Flexibility – receive notifications via HTTP(S) and use
    them internally or send to your clients, or have OAG
    send email alerts or SMS alerts to your clients on your
  • “Bulk” register flights and receive notifications of
    changes to your clients’ flights.
  • Multilingual capabilities – service is available in any
    language of choice to reach global users.

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Value to You and Your Customers

  • Help travellers and employees better manage travel disruption and rebook travel quickly
  • Enable agents to extend their services to day of travel and provide better 'Duty of Care'
  • Make smarter use of resources by deploying them in real time based on flight status
  • Immediately verify travellers insurance claims for delayed and cancelled flights

Who Uses Alerts?

  • OTAs & metasearch
  • Cruise Lines
  • Rental Car Agencies
  • Corporate Travel Managers
  • Ground Transportation
  • Travel insurance sellers
  • Travel Tech
  • Travel Providers
  • Travel Insurance Sellers

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What our customers say about us

"As a business travel technology provider, keeping our customers and their employees updated with real-time flight information is absolutely critical to everything we do. OAG flightview® offers the most complete, accurate and timely data in the industry, with alerts that enable us to automatically keep travelers and travel managers updated through mobile, text and email."
Delia Oviedo, Product Development Manager
MagnaTech Inc
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