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Airport Displays

Digital-Displays.pngReal-time flight and weather information for digital displays

Critical, timely flight status and weather information for airport displays serves as an early warning for managing day-of-travel disruptions and sets expectations for travellers, airport or hotel staff, and those collecting their travellers.
Live airport flight information displays empower travellers, meeters & greeters and employees to proactively plan around flight delays, cancellations, and weather.
Dynamic OAG flightview® airport displays can be configured with helpful and relevant flight and weather information like FIDS, live air traffic maps with weather overlay and animated looping weather to answer questions, reduce uncertainty and increase confidence during the day of travel.
To learn more, download the OAG flightview® display content product sheet now. pdf-icon.png

Powerful maps and flight information for airport digital signage to inform & entertain

  • OAG-flightview-AirTrafficLive
    AirTrafficLive with weather overlay, Sao Paolo (GRU)
  • OAG-WeatherLive-PorterAir
    WeatherLive @ Porter Airlines
  • Holiday-Inn-OAG-FIDS-Display
    FIDS @ Holiday Inn Calgary
  • OAG-Flight-In-Sight-Display
    Flight-In-Sight display @ TPA
  • OAG-Airport-Delay-Map-Display
    Airport delay map display @ SFO
  • MCO_DestinationWeatherDisplay.png
    Destination Weather Gate Display at Orlando (MCO)
  • Asia_WeatherLive.png
    WeatherLive Display for Southeast Asia
  • ATL_Dubai.jpg
    AirTrafficLive Display, Dubai Int'l Airport


Discover the 5 Types of OAG flightview® Airport Display Content We Offer


 Rotate through multiple modules on one display screen or use as a stand-alone module
  • Air Traffic Live – Current airport arrivals and departures on a compelling high-resolution map with the option of weather overlay shows current air traffic congestion and how close specific flights are to landing.
  • Weather Live – Current weather animated in a 4-hour loop overlaid on an attractive map helps travellers understand how weather at other airports may have cascading effects on their downstream flights.
  • Flight-In-Sight – Showing the exact location of an incoming flight on a high-res map helps answer the question “Where’s my plane?” and gives travellers confidence to leave the gate and visit shops and restaurants while waiting.
  • FIDS – Current arrival and departure flight status shown on airport displays throughout the terminal and in hotel lobbies or conference centres allows travellers and their meeters to look up the current status of a specific flight, enabling quick re-planning in the event of flight delays or cancellations.
  • Airport Delays – Current national or regional airport delay status with the option of current weather overlay helps travellers understand causes of weather-related flight delays. (North America only)


More about Airport Displays


More Features

  • Display elements are customisable to reinforce your branding.
  • Show on airport displays throughout the terminal - at ticket counters, gates, security lines, FIDS banks and bag claim areas - and hotels, conference centres or wherever travellers gather.
  • Multiple display modules can be shown in rotation on one display screen.

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What our customers say about us

“Giving customers more information that is both timely and accurate betters the entire travel experience. Technologically up-to-date solutions like OAG flightview® displays give our passengers and customers more control and simply make them happier – and that's a powerful message."
Philip Launius, Director of Public Affairs
Clinton National Airport (LIT)
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