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Fleet-tracking.pngTrack aircraft position, airport status and advanced weather overlays in one view.

Comprehensive PC-based Aircraft Situation Display (ASD) with interactive tools and advanced weather visualisation helps you manage your fleet more efficiently. Track commercial and IFR flights incorporating real-time flight data, radar weather and navigational tools in an interactive GUI.

Manage your air fleet more efficiently and know exactly where your planes are, even in bad weather, in high air traffic conditions, or during irregular operations.

* North America only

To learn more, download the OAG flightview® Fleet Tracking product sheet now  pdf-icon.png

A single source of flight tracking information to manage your air fleet

  • fvfleettracking.jpg
    Flightview Dispatch Aircraft Fleet Tracking
  • Dispatch_SIGMET.jpg
    Advanced SIGMET Weather
  • dispatchsigmet.png
    Know exactly where your planes are, even in severe weather
  • dispatch_fbb.png
    Easily add flights of interest to the Flight Bulletin Board filter

Anticipate Disruptions and Save Valuable Resources

Customise your aircraft fleet tracking to meet your specific business objectives:
  • Alerts Manager - Easily customise airport or flight alerts to notify you when flights land or depart a specific airport or specific flights depart, land, are diverted or delayed.
  • Flight Bulletin Board – Quickly configure to track your company fleet. Filter by status - proposed, in-air, and landed - and see delay departure status, time to arrival and distance to destination with one click.
  • Enhanced Weather Overlays - Always know what your fleet is up against with advanced weather visualisations including AIRMET, SIGMET, TFR and more. Anticipate weather problems by viewing automatic weather looping for the past 6 hours.
  • Complete Airport Information - View in-depth information on specified airports: runways, weather, NOTAMs, METAR/TAF, airport diagrams and more


More about Aircraft Fleet Tracking



  • View comprehensive flight details, aircraft position and ETA information
  • Anticipate disruptions proactively to maximise on-time performance
  • Save fuel, time & money - drive better planning of ground operations
  • Know exactly where your aircraft are, even in severe weather

Who uses OAG flightview® Fleet Tracking?

  • General Aviation
  • Airport Services
  • Travel Providers


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What our customers say about us

“OAG flightview’s® data gives our dispatchers and drivers the ability to know – up-to-the-minute – when and where a client’s flight is. The accuracy is incredible – we often know the estimated time of arrival even before the client or the airline does and that’s a powerful service differentiator."
Dawson Rutter, CEO
Commonwealth Worldwide
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