OAG's intuitive mapper module brings data, plans, presentations and projections to life.

Generate quality route maps to illustrate the historical and future growth of your network.

Board room quality graphics to sell your vision inside and outside your business.

Build a new airline network map, plot potential routes and visualise 'what if' changes to your network. 

Access OAG’s schedules database to create customised, on-brand, outstanding visuals in-house.

Using Google Maps, this powerful flight route map maker and marketing tool lets you create outstanding, customised visuals:

  • Highlight new commercial opportunities with a range of interactive mapping tools
  • Visualise historic and future growth by plotting OAG schedule data onto interactive maps
  • View existing routes and new 'custom' routes in one map with different query options
  • Plot unserved routes
  • Filter results to include specific airports and airlines
  • Visualise your network and future connectivity in seconds
  • Match your corporate colours to stay on-brand with rich customisation options

Latest Release : Analyser 2.6.1- Mini Release February 2021

Introducing Mapbox: This development see’s our maps move from Google Maps to Mapbox in all Analyser products: Schedules, Connections, Traffic, Mapper, Reference and Demand Analyser. Using Mapbox brings the following advantages to Analyser: 

  • It will allow our Chinese customers to access all Analyser maps with no issues
  • The way maps are rendered on screen means they are faster. If you have many points on the screen, when you move about, it stays smooth. It also plots maps with lots of points quicker on initial load.

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