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Historical Airline Fare Data


An extensive historic database of airline fares

Analyse and compare current and historic low-cost airline fares on single routes or across entire markets in a matter of seconds. With a simple query-builder interface, it enables quick analysis of top-level trends as well as detailed route-by-route performance.

Access an extensive historic database of airfare history, stretching back as far as January 2013; including over 90% of European Low-Cost airline and recently expanded airline fare coverage to include carriers in the Middle East, Asia and Australasia.

Network-wide airfare data for the world's largest carriers



More about apex fares


About the airfare data

  • Network-wide fare data for over 45 airlines with plans for 60 airlines by the end of 2017.

  • 500,000 fare data points added each month.


  • 28 LCCs
  • 2,067 Airport Pairs
  • 2m data points


  • Sample prices from 93% of European low-cost airlines by capacity
  • 17 LCCs
  • 10,617 Airport pairs
  • 3,2m+ data points

Who uses apex fares

  • Be better informed of airport charges negotiations

  • Evaluate whether your airlines are making a profit or a loss on a particular route


  • Compare the fares achieved between airlines on directly competed routes

  • Evaluate the success of competitor strategies at core bases

Financial Analysts

  • Analyse the recent performance of airlines and feed this into your analysis before quarterly results are announced

  • Compare the performance of low-cost airlines across core European country markets.

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