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Take a look at our Insight products to see how they can help you grow your business.

We deliver airline schedules data in any format, across any platform and for any system, from data feeds, APIs and schedule change notifications to customised data files and reports daily, weekly, monthly and in real-time so you can track flight schedules to fit your business needs.

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Take a look at our airline schedules data products to see how they can help you grow your business.


Dynamic Schedules

The only real-time airline schedules data feed in the market place


XML or SSM/ASM data feed to meet specific business needs and a popular choice for leading GDSs, OTAs and metasearch companies. Guarantee customer satisfaction and provide the most accurate data on airline schedules changes.

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Comprehensive Worldwide Direct Flights (WDF) files delivered in a format of your choice


View, manipulate and analyse bulk flight schedule files with ease, receive on a frequency of your choice and integrate seamlessly into your existing systems.

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Consolidated global flight schedules for electronic data exchange


Fully compliant with Standard Schedules Information Manual (SSIM) with a choice of full, partial and changes-only files. Choose a format and frequency to suit your needs.

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Maximise your business with our flight schedule changes notification system


Monitor the flight schedule changes that really matter to you. Choose from a wide variety of change criteria and receive a summary of changes or receive live schedule changes as they happen.

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Reference Data

The most complete source of essential standard airline reference data


Reference data underpins the accuracy of your schedules data. Vital data files provide IATA and ICAO information on airline codes, aircraft, aircraft types, locations and DST data.

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The ultimate airport marketing tool to promote routes, connectivity and destinations


Promote your airport as a convenient gateway by showcasing routes and connections through an attractive, interactive online map. Fully customisable, this user-friendly route map is embedded on your website.

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The single most comprehensive source of MCT status records and exceptions


With over 100,000 standard and carrier exceptions records and 35,000 MCT changes a month between any combination of flights, staying abreast of viable connections is business critical.

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Schedules API

A simple, fast API giving dynamic access to our live airline schedules database for accurate flight schedules information when you need it


Access our simple and fast schedules data API for accurate flight information when you need it. Take control and customise your own supply using this premier web service (SOAP in XML/JSON formats).

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Air travel market reports and analysis, passenger traffic and capacity trends, regional overviews, and future and current developments.


Market Maturity

In partnership with Ishka Vista, OAG explores market-driven issues that could have an influence on the numbers and types of aircraft in 2018.

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Russia and World Cup

The World Cup is estimated to bring an additional 3.5 million visitors in the summer of 2018, so can Russia match the mass increase in volume?

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Asia's Catalysts

Asia's Hubs

OAG takes a deep dive into the traffic flows at Asia’s primary hub airports to gain a greater understanding of the dynamics of connectivity.

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Airline relations

More than 900 airlines trust OAG’s content team to manage their schedules and flight status data. With OAG, airlines feel a level of reassurance that their data is in the best hands with those who understand data complexity, system feeds and how the industry works.

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“United Airlines has depended on OAG as our primary source for aviation intelligence for over 15 years. As the world’s leading airline, we trust OAG to deliver the most accurate and comprehensive data available anywhere, which is underscored by their relentless focus on quality customer service and support.”

Sam Patel

Managing Director, Flight Profitability & Scheduling Analysis, United Airlines

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